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Why You Should Build a Home on Your Own Lot

Monday, April 11, 2022
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If you’re looking for your dream home, the best way to get it is to have it built on a lot you own. Otherwise, you’ll have to hope the perfect one is already out there, and that you can beat out any other buyers. If you’re considering building a home on a lot you own, look at these benefits of doing so.

No restrictions

If you happen to build in a master-planned community, there will restrictions you have to work around which could eliminate the possibility of some features you may want. Common restrictions in these cases include exterior color choices, minimum square footage, and how much brick you need to have on your home.

If you build a home on your own lot, you won’t have to work around any of these restrictions.

Full customization

As long as you follow the local building codes, everything else is up to you. You can choose how isolated you want your home to be, what surroundings you would prefer, the color and materials used in the house, any other structures you may want on your property, and much more. As long as your plan is safe and legal, you get to customize your home exactly how you want it.

Plenty of room

If you buy a lot in an isolated area, like a forest or near a lake, then you have the possibility of having a beautiful backyard and natural property. While having a large lot may tempt you to build a large home, it’s nice to preserve some nature on your property with a smaller home. The interior of your home could be perfect, but you’ll still want to spend some time outside. By leaving enough space on your property for outdoor areas, you can include things like a fireplace, patio, garden, outdoor kitchen, and fancy landscaping elements such as a waterfall or pond.

Good chance of turning a profit

If you can keep the spending on building a custom home reasonable, then you’re in for a sizeable value increase. A nice plot of land is valuable as it is, but once you add a beautiful home it will be ready to sell for a profit should you ever want to move somewhere else.

Tips for building a home from scratch

When you’ve decided you’re going to build a custom home on your property, the possibilities are endless and you’ll be rightfully excited. You may want to jump right into it and get started on making choices. While it’s important to plan out these choices so that the home comes together in a cohesive way, it’s also important to consult someone with the proper experience. You may have the vision of your perfect home laid out, but once you get into it you could find that certain features conflict with each other. If you wait until you’re already building the home to find this out, you’ll be wasting time and money.

For this reason, make sure you have an experienced home builder helping you as early as possible. They can point out any plans that won’t work, as well as suggest ideas that you may not have thought of for style, comfort, and saving money.

Paul Anthony Homes | Custom home builders for your dream home

If you’re ready to get started on building your dream home on your lot, get in touch with us so we can give you the professional guidance you need to make sure it comes out perfectly. At Paul Anthony Homes, we always say, “if you can dream it, we can build it!” We’ve built tons of custom homes over the years, so we know how to keep the process efficient and cost-effective while making sure that everything you want and need is included in the final product.

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