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Top Living Room Design Trends in 2021

Tuesday, January 5, 2021
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Over the last year, many of us have been confined to the comfort of our home to shelter-in-place during the pandemic.  Our living rooms have become more than just a space with a couch and television set; they’ve become multifunctional spaces for work, learn, play, eat, and most other daily activities.  We may also be inclined to redecorate our all-too-lived-in spaces for a fresh look we can feel proud of to start the new year outright.

So, as we head into 2021, many are opting to reflect on their beloved homes and implementing some newer, fresher trends emerging out of what was such a hectic year.  From neutral, calming color palettes to anything-and-everything comfy, let’s review some new home design trends to look out for in 2021!

Make It Relaxed, Cozy, and Inviting

Even for those of us still working from home, having your own cozy oasis right within your living room is such a relaxing asset to have after a long day at work.  If you have moved your workspace to another area of the home, try and maximize the comfort in your living room to separate work from leisure.  This can be done by adding in big throw pillows and blankets, switching out your coffee table for an ottoman, or replacing your couch for a deep-cushioned sectional.  The main idea is to have plenty of comfortable seating options for you to choose from.

Luxe Minimalism & Natural Materials

Accents of marble, wood, or caning are growing increasingly popular to make our homes warmer and inviting.  Incorporating as many natural elements in your home will make it seem less cold like glass or metal alternatives.  Incorporating furniture like wooden chests of drawers, marble tabletops, or even installing a wooden mantlepiece will make your living area appear more warm and domestic.

Mixed Color Palettes — But Make It Neutral

Neutral color schemes are the way to go in 2021.  However, many designers are suggesting homeowners take a leap forward with their new color schemes.  Since wooden materials seem to be a continued craze, play your colors off of these natural color tones, especially with antiques and furniture with unique accents.  Variations of green are becoming a popular primary color, while ocher, terracotta, and camel are excellent secondary colors.

Additionally, one of the best colors to brighten up your room is cream — think window curtains, accent chairs, and accessories.  With the bright color foundation, your primary and secondary accent colors will pop and define the warmth and comfort of the room.

Premium Accessories & Entertainment

To go along with your cushy, comfy seating in your living room, styling the room with equally comfy throw pillows, fresh plants and layers of books will truly give an inviting aura to your living room.  Don’t be afraid of accessorizing more artfully in your newly-designed space, too.  If we’re going to be spending some more time in our living rooms, we should make these spaces reflect our tastes completely!

That also goes for making sure we have the latest and greatest in entertainment at our fingertips in our living rooms.  There’s nothing like sinking into the cushions and enjoying our favorite streaming shows and films on a big smart TV.  But, it doesn’t stop just at the television set.  Homeowners are increasingly interested in better sound systems like surround sound or soundbars operated by Bluetooth.  These systems are proven to make the room feel more intimate and inviting.

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