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The Latest Trends In Flooring

Monday, April 20, 2020
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Carpeting is becoming softer in the flooring world. Wood is getting rougher and vinyl is gaining more luxurious.

Yes, that’s correct, luxury vinyl.  It’s the new term for those who pay careful attention to the fabrics home buyers are willing to use.

Vinyl is the fastest-growing portion of the flooring industry over the past two years.  This is mainly due to the fact that this flooring category has developed in photo technology as it mimics wood and other materials.  It appears quite authentic that you have to look twice to see that it really is vinyl.

Even though luxury vinyl has moved up the ranks, it is not the only flooring product that is demanding more attention.

Carpeting is definitely getting more environmentally friendly as well as becoming extremely soft to touch. In terms of carpet styles, the current leader is the cut-and-loop, in which the pile is partly cut and partly looped to create a sculpted look or pattern.  As far as color, the new thing is neutral heathered and multi-toned shades.

Hardwood has also been taken to a new level.  It is very common to see hardwoods on kitchen floors as well as throughout the entire house.  Laminate versions are much more cost-effective for larger areas. Hardwood tastes skew towards darker stains, with an increasing curiosity in gray tones.  Patterns are also towards bigger planks or towards using planks of several sizes and towards more native species — hickory, cherry, walnut.


When talking about luxury vinyl, the perspective of "luxury" may be a bit of a stretch, although technology has certainly given these a whole new look. At its most simple, the manufacturing process leads to taking an image of wood and printing it into the much less costly vinyl flooring, typically in the form of squares or planks.


Ceramic tile is getting bigger — literally.  Tile in formats larger than the standard 12-by-12 inches are growing in popularity, though there’s a lot of variation in regional preferences.  Those digital prints that you see on laminate countertops and vinyl tile — they’re also doing that on the ceramic tile so that you might also see tiles that look like hardwoods.


The general feeling going forward is that no one is satisfied anymore with traditional materials. Homeowners want flooring materials that have been given special treatment to make them unique in design and texture. Whether it is fumed wood, blanched flooring, textured tile, or wood looking tiles; buyers are looking for new and exciting options. Fortunately, 2020 delivers on quality, variety, style and so much more. It will not disappoint.

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