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Kitchen Trend Stand Outs

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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Everyone loves the kitchen with great reason.  It’s where the meal is made, where family and friends gather; it’s the common meeting space of the home.  There are a few new trends that we can’t wait to share with you to upgrade or transform yours.  So, get ready to dream about what your future kitchen could be like.


When it comes to the kitchen, the sky’s the limit when it comes to ideas and the trends are all about the unexpected and different, which sets your room apart from the others.  When yours is unique, you get the gossip award for having the latest and greatest.  


Crazy Shapes

We see the element of odd-shaped spaces in the kitchen.  For example, a simple but impactful curve in the cabinetry and/or island creates a stunning eye-catching design.


For subtle looks, sometimes just a curve or arch in a room’s entranceway can make all the difference.


Cylinder Exhaust Hoods

Recently called “the statement hood”, this trend has made a big impact.   We are talking about cylinder exhaust hoods.  They are definitely not new to the kitchen design world, especially in Europe. They give a truly unique modern flair to the kitchen look.   They serve a purpose while getting the looks.


Tumbled Tile and Stonework

Tiles with made-to-have worn edges and stone flooring with a rough and tumbled effect are stealing the show.  They create a country charm with a homey feel but are also shown mixed in with modern tile stating a very clean elegance.


Wood and Plaster Cabinets

Last but not least, we are seeing wood and plaster cabinets.  For the great outdoor country desert feel, this style is sure to turn heads.  It is the perfect way to add natural texture and while this trend is not new to the kitchen scene but always seemed to be more exclusive to Arizona or even Mexico.  Well, not so much anymore.  This creative style has made it is way east and you will start seeing it popping up in homes all over.


So, when you’re ready to redo or revamp your kitchen, you can decide if you want to take a big leap toward some of these latest trends.  They are sure to have your kitchen be the talk of the town.  Even if you decide to stick to a more traditional look or venture somewhere in between, Paul Anthony Homes will offer you all of the options to create your dream kitchen.  Give us a call at 586-786-7508  or visit us on our contact form to discuss plans to put your dream home in motion. 

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