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The Latest Trends In Kitchen Cabinetry

Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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So, you’ve decided to replace your kitchen floor with the new luxury vinyl wood plank look?  Oh, it looks fabulous!  Those new window treatments look amazing too but now those cabinets look not so nice.  They even look a bit shabby.


If you’ve gone this far or are starting completely from scratch, you may want a little insight as to what’s in right now!  We’ll share with you some of the latest trends on kitchen cabinetry and cabinetry in general for that matter.   Read on…


We’ll start with the design.  There are many options when it comes to the cabinet door.  Open shelving has moved up in the rankings leaving whatever is inside exposed.  This is for the neat and organized group that will keep things tidy and dusted at all times.  Now we will move on to the cabinets with a door going from plain to those with the most detail.  Open frame doors are smooth with a slight inset panel and without any handles or knobs.  Shaker styles are basically open frame with hardware.  Slab style doors are completely smooth with a plain handle or knob.  Last but not least, are transitional which have more layers of inset cuts to the door panel.


Next, we will move on to cabinet colors.  White cabinets have dominated kitchen look for over 10 years. While white is still a key player, now is the time to make a statement and create the room of your dreams in color.  Shades of blues and greys are the currently the most popular as well as bold black.


The surface of the cabinets still shows wood grain as the most popular but there are trends of high glosses and chalky matte finishes as well.


Some additional features trending are the extra deep drawers to house mixers, blenders and other appliances.  Multi-purpose islands are great for utilizing the top area for an added bar or utility sink.  Some islands feature a large overhand so stools can be placed underneath but used for seating and as an additional eating area.


You may also notice that the minimalistic use of hardware is a new dominate cabinet feature.  It lends for a clean look without distraction of the hardware.  It also reduces the cost as some upgraded handles and knobs can be quite pricey.


Taking all of this into consideration when you redo or revamp your kitchen, you can decide if you are onboard for the latest trends, stick to a traditional look or go somewhere in between.


At Paul Anthony Homes, we are able to offer you all of the options to create your dream kitchen.  We offer all of the latest cabinet trends to make your kitchen warm and inviting for your family and guests as well.  Give us a call at 586-786-7508  or visit us on our contact form to discuss plans to put your dream home in motion. 

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